Liquidation Mechanism


When a position's collateral ratio falls below the collateral ratio maintenance requirement (i.e. 10%), such position will be liquidated automatically by liquidation bots. Hence it's very important to make sure your position is above the maintenance level.

Liquidation Penalty

When a position is liquidated, 50% of the residual value of the collateral will be transferred to the liquidation bots as rewards and the remaining 50% will be transferred to the Insurance Fund.

Liquidation Thresholds

Collateral Ratio
Initial collateral ratio
Minimum amount of collateral required when opening a position
Maintenance collateral ratio
Minimum amount of collateral required after a position has been opened. If the collateral ratio falls below 10% and remains above 5%, the position will first be partially liquidated, where 12.5% of the notional amount will be closed until collateral ratio increases above maintenance collateral ratio. If the collateral ratio falls below 5%, the whole position will be liquidated. After the liquidation event, 5% of the proceeds from the liquidation will be paid out to liquidator and insurance fund as liquidation penalty

What Should I do To Avoid Liquidation

Trading futures could be risky, especially when leverage is applied or when shorting. To minimise your liquidation risk, you should:
  • Choose an appropriate leverage level - the higher the leverage, the more likely a position will be liquidated, especially in a volatile market
  • Do your own research before trading - understand the risk associated with the trade (e.g. underlying collection, collateral pledged, leverage applied etc.)
  • Monitor your collateral ratio closely - cut loss or increase margin when the collateral ratio approaches maintenance collateral ratio (i.e. 10%)