Tribe3 Dictionary

Basic Pricing Information

Futures Price
Resulting price of users' trades on the system. Further details please see System Design and Overview​
107.90 TETH
Oracle Price
The mid price of the top collection bid and the floor price of a collection across open market places, adjusted based on a dynamic TWAP. For details on oracle, please see Oracle​
107.56 TETH
The test ETH that is used for trading on the Tribe3
107.56 TETH
Price Gap
The gap between the Futures Price and the Oracle Price
+0.34 (0.32%)
Volume (24hrs)
Total notional value of contracts traded between buyers and sellers of a collection for the last 24 hours
Funding Rate
The rate of the funding payment. Funding payment is paid to/by either short or long positions based on the difference between the Futures Price and the Oracle Price. Traders pay or receive funding payment continuously . Further details please see Funding Payment​
-0.00001 %

Trading Details

Direction: Long / Short
Long position earns profit when price increases while short position earns profit when price decreases
Long / Short
Available Balance
Balance available for a user to pledge as collateral for trading positions
8.82 TETH
Slippage Tolerance
The maximum pricing difference (due to other users' trades) between the price at the time of trade confirmation and the actual price of the transaction that the users are willing to accept
Est. Entry Price
The estimated price level at which a user enters into a position
107.56 TETH
Est. Liquidation Price
The estimated price level at which the position become eligible to be liquidated
102.23 TETH
Price Impact
The change in price resulted directly from a particular trade
0.11 %
Transaction Fee
A fee paid to the Tribe3 platform by users whenever users execute a trade.
Fee Formula: 0.5% of the notional amount of a trade
0.15 TETH

Position Details

Current profit or loss on an open position (this does not take into account of the price impact of exiting the position, and includes all realized and unrealized P&L and funding payment of the position)
+1.3512 TETH
The total value or exposure of a position (i.e. leverage taken into account) e.g. If a user is longing 1 BAYC futures contract, then for every 1 WETH increase in BAYC's price, the user will have an unrealized gain of 1 WETH
1.1351 TETH
Entry Price
Average entry price of the position
20.01 TTETH
Multiplier (or Leverage)
Current Notional Amount / Current Collateral
Collateral after taking into account of unrealized P&L, accumulated funding payment, and manual collateral adjustments
1.2232 TETH
Liquidation Price
The price where the user's position is eligible to be forcefully closed due to a position's margin ratio going below the maintenance collateral ratio
23.55 TETH
When a position's collateral ratio falls below the maintenance collateral ratio (i.e. 10% or leverage of 10x), such position will be eligible to be partially liquidated. Once the position's collateral ratio falls below 5% (or leverage of 20x), it will be fully liquidated by the bots. Liquidation sequencing mechanism will also kick in if the liquidation of a position is triggered by another trade. Further details please see Liquidation Mechanism​
Funding Payment
Accumulated payment received based on the difference between perpetual contract markets and spot prices. Details please see Funding Payment​
+0.55 TETH