Tribe3 Overview


TL;DR Tribe3 is the first NFT / RWA derivatives DEX where users can long/short NFT bluechip collections and RWAs, including sneakers, trading cards and watches, with leverage.

We are avid collectors at our very core - the irresistible joy of hunting down rare collectibles, the adrenaline rush of participating in bidding wars in auctions and competing in the face of an epic gas war, the thrill of picking up gems up gems early and seeing them moon.

That being said, even the most devoted collectors would agree that there is a ton of inefficiencies in the current way we trade and speculate collectibles.

Expensive, inflexible and illiquid

If you have ever bought/sold a collectible, you must have experienced this:

  1. large ticket size (e.g. a rare PSA 10 Pokemon card could cost thousands US dollars; prominent bluechip NFT collections require at least 5 ETH)

  2. cost of trading (e.g. gas fees, logistics and handling etc.)

  3. no simple way to hedge / short (not much you can do to profit from when the collectible market is getting rekt…)

  4. no leverage

  5. verifying authenticity could be tricky

  6. maintaining condition and security of collectibles (e.g. theft, hacks)

  7. storage can get costly

For collectibles to reach its true potential in scale and liquidity as an asset, there’s got to be a better way to bet on them. We need lower fees, more flexible execution (can both long / short with little capital at anytime) and more capital efficiency (yes, that means leverage).

With Tribe3’s NFT / RWA perpetual floor price futures - you can bet on floor prices both ways with leverage at a fraction of the transaction fee at any amount. Simply put, futures is collectibles trading on steroids.

Main Features

Here’s a sneak peek into the main features of the Tribe3 platform:


Use this simple and interactive trading platform to long / short NFT/RWA futures with leverage at any amount

Portfolio Management

Manage your position with ease with the all-in-one dashboard displaying all NFT and RWA positions

Social Profile

Build your own profile and following while showing off your trading performance

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